Mango Walk Country Club is built from the most durable of building materials, reinforced concrete, and economies are achieved by standardisation and the use of the slip form method of construction.

The structures are founded on reinforced concrete raft slabs, which complement the method of slip forming the walls and suspended slabs. With all structural elements tied together, a safe and secure home awaits you.

Avenues wind through the property taking advantage of the gentle slopes rising to the high point to the west with breathtaking views of Montego Bay and the Caribbean Sea.

Natural woodland are preserved and supplemented by careful planting of endemic trees by the developers making a natural break to the clusters of townhomes.

A gatehouse is provided for security, and the entire site is enclosed, by a perimeter wall. In keeping with international environmental standards, sewerage for the development is removed from Mango Walk Country Club and directed to the National Water Commission’s central sewerage grid system.

Mango Walk Country Club situated in the city of Montego Bay, Jamaica featuring outstanding, rustic-styled townhomes in an elevated position directly overlooking the Bay and Caribbean Sea, with spectacular views of the Montego Freeport cruise ship pier and the Sunset Beach Resort.